By Maggie O’Neill

On this solstice, when night is long, I look to the sky and find the new born sun.
When the world turns to winter and my soul seeks a rest, my heart is warmed by the knowledge
that each day will be a bit brighter.
Wrapped in the eternal circle of the universe, I sleep in peace as does the earth.
The voice of the season speaks in whispers; faint stirrings beneath the frost.
I dream and listen to the unknown.
I breathe deep and slow, in sync with the cold world around me.
I look inward, as does nature and seek reflection that renews my spirit and heals my soul.
It is in the stillness of winter that I clearly hear my ancestors song.
They sing softly and speak to me in the hush of snow and glitter of the stars and the beauty of white ice.
As I listen to their voices, I take comfort in knowing that pain and loneliness will always ease and become lighter, for my spirit mimics the journey of the universe.
My darkness will grow brighter and my inner sun will continue to grow stronger from my yuletide rest.
Rejoice in the season.
Sleep in peace.
Rest in the dark winter nights and know that renewal is a promise and eternal.
Blessed be the gifts of Yule. Blessed be our winter rest.

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