By Maggie O’Neill

I watch you slowly fade as your mind slips deep into a place I cannot know.
You do not recognize me anymore, existing in a private world, beyond us.
I wonder what you are seeing as your frail hands reach for the air
And wish, as I do so many times, we still had time to share.
If I could choose what you are seeing, and the life you think you’re in,
If I could be the one to decide your day,
It would be filled with us, the way it used to be.
And I would make your shaking hands reach out and hold onto me.
If I could pick your memories they’d be only gentle moments.
I would fill your mind with every time we laughed until we cried.
I want to turn your head, look into your eyes and see me there,
And banish that far away, frightened, vacant stare.
My wish for you is simple, and holds all of the love I have;
I wish your last visions to be of the sea or shining stars.
I want your fading thoughts to be filled with joy, not sad or scared.
And to remember those sacred moments that only sisters share.
So I place one more kiss upon your brow,
One more hug you won’t remember,
One more soft touch to show I care.
And hold tight to the memory of you.

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