Diane Stulga Photography

Written and photographed by Diane Stulga

As I sit on the beach, on an unusually warm day in November,
There are so many things of which I’m lucky enough to remember,
Like the blustery snow storms I always played in when I was a kid,
And how I looked forward to all of that snow the way I did!

For to me any white winter’s day is a wonderful day to remember,
Whether it’s mild, calm, or a freezing windy day in December,
There’s never a day I question if there’s somewhere else I need to be,
As I stroll over the dunes, and walk quietly along on the sand by the sea.

The beauty of the white sparkling sand stretching for miles and miles,
So many years of happiness spent here with countless numbers of smiles,
There are no guarantees in life – this over the years I’ve come to know,
A “White Christmas” on the beach is one guarantee – having sand not snow!

To me there is something about the beach – it’s as magical as a snowy day,
It’s the peace felt from within that in your heart and soul will always stay,
A place to give you the strength and courage you need every day to get by,
To have confidence and reassuring faith to talk to God and wait for a reply.

My joy of living here on LBI is a blessing and gratitude comes from within
It makes me aware of my life’s journey and all of the places that I’ve been.
For to have these quiet special moments that are seldom shared by few,
Keeps me focused and aware of how lucky I am to have the life that I do!

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