By Nancy Weiss

My husband Fred loved the beautiful sunsets of Long Beach Island. As evening came, he stopped everything just to enjoy the sunset from our deck. Each sunset was unique and each more beautiful than the last. Since Fred’s passing, sunsets make me feel closer to him. I have wonderful memories, and the support of a very special group of friends. Uniquely, the passage of time has made each of us a widow.

We have known each other for decades and have remained close friends. Our shared experience of loss has brought us even closer. We miss our husbands very much.

Every year we gather at my home on LBI for a week. It is a time of comfort and support filled with joy and tears sharing memories of halcyon LBI beach days when we were younger, and of time spent with spouses now passed, and children now grown. For me there is joy recalling sunsets with Fred, and evenings of spontaneous dancing on the deck, and of laughter, good times, and of love shared during many wonderful years of marriage.

Our group enjoys shopping and finding new treasures in the little shops on LBI. Last year a friend gave me a lovely gift from Things A Drift of two seagull decoys named Nancy and Freddie, after me and my late husband Fred.

These days, although we may only be young at heart, it is all we need. As the years go by the number of widows in our group grows. We have memories and the support of very special friends. And, we are of course thankful for every sunset.

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