By Maggie O’Neill
Photography by Guy Cash Fleming

Hunting for sea glass is an art, lifestyle and passion all in one. While on a sea glass quest you will experience moments of pure joy as well as frustration. It’s an obsession only dedicated sea glass hunters can understand. There are phrases and words specific to sea glass hunters. If you are interested in starting your sea glass journey, here is a list of the lingo, or terms, you should know.

1. Top Tide Piece – An exceptional piece of sea glass or rare beach find of any kind.

2. Return Glass – A piece of sea glass that is missed on the first pass but is spotted as you walk back or return to where you started.

3. Clean Sand – A beach that is completely devoid of shells or other treasures.

4. Sea Mash – Shells, driftwood, stones and other jetsam we collect other than sea glass.

5. Driftables – Driftwood that resembles an animal, such as a whale or bird, taken home and used as decorations on a porch or in a beach house.

6. Clacking – The sound shells and sea glass make hitting against each other was they wash up onto the beach, especially when there is a very heavy load of shells.

7. Queens Count – A particularly abundant amount of treasure found during a search.

8. Weathering – Walking the beach to hunt for sea glass in inclement weather, such as the cold, wind, rain, etc.

9. Cinderella Slipper – A perfect piece of sea glass.

10. Journey ‘s Joy – The feeling of contentment when walking by the sea even if no sea glass or beach treasures are found. The joy is in the journey and gratitude for being lucky enough to live by the sea.

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