By Diane Stulga

The tree in your yard was like a family member,

With so many seasons and changes to remember,

When you look out back it has to be so hard,

To see that your tree is no longer in your yard.

In the Summer it provided you with shade,

In the Winter cold and barren there it stayed,

In the Spring the birds were perched all day,

In the Fall the squirrels would frolic and play.

Your tree was full of memories shared by all,

No cherished memory kept was ever too small,

Over fifty years ago it was planted in the ground,

It is still there where its “ROOTS ARE FOUND.”

Your circle of life gift measures time as you can see,

It was made as a remembrance of your Family Tree,

May it be a reminder of those times spent together,

Knowing that it will remain in your hearts forever!

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