By Diane Stulga

Vic Stulga of Beach Haven West has been collecting vintage items since he was a boy. Whether it was an old bike, car parts or an old fishing rod and reel, he has always been up to the challenge of restoring his finds to their original condition or even better than they ever were.

The garage at Vic’s home has become a museum of sorts filled with vintage items he has collected throughout his life. Each and every piece has a back story. Every inch of the walls, ceiling, shelves, and free spaces is covered with old tools, including some from his father and grandfather’s collection, garage signs, restored surfboards, old sewing machines, which Vic has restored and still uses for various projects, vintage lanterns, 1929 glass oil bottles, roller skates, hockey sticks, Coca Cola collectables, and a huge collection of Disney memorabilia. These are just a few types of the hundreds of items on display.

Many of Vic’s things have sentimental value. He has countless old comic books, pictures of former U.S. presidents, and a classic miniature car collection. He also keeps his 1929 Ford Roadster with the license plate LBI ’29 in his garage as well. Attached to the Roadster is a 1930s Coca Cola trailer that Vic has completely restored.

When he is out in the garage Vic listens to the music of the 1950s. He enjoys remembering the good old days when life was much simpler. When Vic steps into his garage, he steps back in time and relives those wonderful years.

For Vic, each day brings a new adventure and another opportunity to discover something interesting to add to his collection in his Beach Haven West garage museum.

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