By Diane Stulga

As I walk along the beach today barefoot in the sand,
I am filled with pride and honor to be part of this land.
For because of all the Veterans who sacrificed for me,
I can enjoy the freedom of America wherever I may be.

The wars have left their many scars both inside and out,
But they have also shown what our troops are all about.
The honor and respect for our country is truly utmost,
It is felt in the cities, the country, and along the coast.

America is and always will be the home of the brave,
Our focus is simple, it is our people we want to save.
From the destruction and threats that face us every day,
For our Vets and Servicemen, we need to take time to pray.

We are blessed to have our flags wave in skies of blue,
To those colors each and every one of us need to be true.
From the mountains to valleys, on land, sea, and sky,
We salute each of our Soldiers and our flags over LBI.

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