Written and photographed by Sara Caruso

Maggie O’Neill’s favorite pastime is to walk the beaches of Ship Bottom to search for sea glass.

After years of  collecting, she decided she needed a better way to  display her treasured LBI finds. Inspired by old window frames she  saw at an outdoor folk-art exhibit she decided to use old windows  as canvases to create mosaic patterns with her sea glass.  However, Maggie didn’t just want the pieces to be stuck on her  walls, she wanted to share her art with passers-by.

“So, I hung the finished pieces on my fence,” says Maggie. “This  art is a great project to utilize my sea glass and old windows, while  adding some shine to an old, green wire fence.” When the sunlight hits the mosaics the sea glass sparkles scattering glimmers of  colored light across her white stone yard.

Maggie wants these pieces to bring a spark of happiness to those walking  by her home. She hopes to someday fill the whole fence with her  colorful LBI treasures.

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